NEMOS is an innovative system for generating electricity from ocean waves. The incoming energy is absorbed by an elongated floating body and transmitted to a generator shaft by a belt system. Performing its motion on a curved trajectory and being controlled by the directly coupled generator, the floaters hydro-mechanical efficiency is way above standard technology. The system can be adjusted to changing environmental conditions so that energy output is maximized and loads are limited. To protect the system in heavy storms, the floater can be lowered to calmer waters.



Since 2010: Tank tests in research facilities

Comprehensive tank tests are the basis of all NEMOS wave energy development activities. Under controlled conditions the hydro-mechanical interaction between floater and waves can be investigated in order to improve control algorithms and maximize the harvested energy.


Since 2013: Scaled tests in nearshore environment

The step from tank tests to real environmental conditions is a big one. The NEMOS team challenged its own technology over several years lasting by carrying out scale tests in Denmark`s Limfjord. At 1:10 and 1:5 model scales, the NEMOS system exhibited high efficiency, robustness and automated operation.


Since 2016: Full scale power take-Off tests

To analyze the efficiency along the power conversion path and gain experience in assembling and operating large components, a full scale PTO test bench was installed at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Again the simulation data were verified with regard to power generation prediction.


From 2018: Large scale offshore installation

Currently the team is focussing on the installation of a large scale prototype in the North Sea. With a floater displacing more than 10m³ water and a fully equipped powerhouse on an independent structure, the system will generate enough energy to supply several households with electricity.