A broad range of test facilities allows a thorough evaluation of our developments. Here, individual components or complete systems are put to the acid test prior to offshore installation. Everything is designed in house, from a lifetime component test bench for belts to a flexible cable robot setup, capable of simulating any kind of PTO hardware and control methods for wave energy converters.


Tank Tests

We perform wave tank tests at different model scales to evaluate wave energy converters under reproducible and controllable conditions. Among other aspects the storm survivability and the efficiency over various sea states are of high interest. We have already performed tests at various European research institutes such as the DST Duisburg, LHEAA Nantes, FloWave Edinburgh and COAST Lab, Plymouth University.


Cable Robots

The kinematic concept of the NEMOS wave energy converter is based on a cable robot system. Therefore, we developed a cable robot test bench to simulate wave energy converter`s kinematic behavior. This allows extensive dry testing of any kind of PTO-hard- and software combination. We have experience in adapting the system to other applications, providing a flexible and lean test setup for our customers.


Belt Test Bench

To gain experience with lifetime performance under realistic load conditions, NEMOS developed a unique and innovative belt test bench which allows alternating torque directions during individual cycles and carries out up to 2.8 Mio. double-bending events per week. With its high loads, speed and flexibility this test bench sets a new benchmark for belt test facilities. Contact us for more information. » Read More


Ostend Research Tower

The Ostend Research Tower represents a milestone in NEMOS` test facility development. At a height of more than 37 m and a total mass of around 80 tons it allows testing and evaluating the performance and surviveability of the complete NEMOS Wave Energy Convertor prototype deployed nearby. Besides this, we proved our capability in the coordination of manufacturing, assembling, handling and commissioning of offshore structures.