Relaunch Of Our Website


The diligent design of the components of our wave energy device led to the engineering of numerous innovative products, too. To put them to the acid test, we developed specific test benches in on- and offshore environment. By now, the interest in and demand for them has become so large that two new business areas arose: the engineering of innovative components and the provision of individualized test facilities. At the same time, the prototype of our wave energy converter is further being developed and will be installed in the Belgian North Sea soon. We have taken this gratifying business development as an occasion to relaunch our website and are pleased to welcome you here!

Soil Investigations At The Installation Location


NEMOS successfully performed an in-situ soil investigation at the planned installation location near the Port of Ostend. The Cone Penetration Test (CPT) was performed using the Lynn barge from contractor Artes Depret, which carried a 20 ton CPT rig from SGS Geotechniek. The results of this test will be used to verify the stability of the research structures' foundation.

Successful Completion Of The 1:5 Long-Term Test


Since October 2016 NEMOS` 1:5-test device in Nissum Bredning (Denmark) has permanently been in fully automated operation, with remote monitoring from the office located in Duisburg. During the several month-long failure-free operation frequent and diverse winter storms occurred with significant wave heights of more than 1.5 m. This equates to a full scale wave height of 7.5 m.

NEMOS Joins The OMAE In Trondheim


The belt-system developed by NEMOS has been presented at the "Conference on Ocean Offshore & Arctic Engineering" (OMAE) in Trondheim. The patent pending system has been specially constructed for the rough operating conditions within the wave energy converter. Due to the innovative system a long-term operation of belts with variable driving directions is also possible for other industrial applications. » Get Full Article

Permit For The Prototype Location


After an investigative procedure lasting several months, which included a public hearing and numerous detailed examinations, the Belgian authorities have permitted the installation of the test-device in the North Sea close to Ostend. The permission includes the construction of the wave energy converter with its tower structure as well as the license to execute the planned research activities for a duration of three years.

Endurance tests for innovative anchors


After successful implementation in scaled field tests, the anchor systems of the NEMOS device are subjected to extensive laboratory studies. The screw anchors offer exceptional high holding capacities at low mass and can be installed with minimum noise emission. Cyclic loads expected during real operation are simulated in endurance tests, feeding empirical models for dimensioning the anchors of the large-scale device.

Test of first components of the 1:1 prototype

Test erster Komponenten des 1 zu 1-Prototyps.jpg

Parallel to the endurance-test of the 1:5-device at Nissum Bredning first components of the full-scale-Prototype are being investigated on various test benches. Belts and gear shafts as well as ropes are being tested under full operating loads. To simulate realistic conditions, the ropes were sprinkled with saltwater and have already been moved through millions of cycles over pulleys with various fibers and coatings. The tests are being carried out in cooperation with Liros GmbH at the “IFT”-Institute of the University of Stuttgart within the joint research project funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Test series in Nantes

Testreihe in Nantes.jpg

A test series has been conducted at the ECN in Nantes as part of the EU-Project MARINET. This wave tank, one of the biggest worldwide, enables tests with the 1:5 scaled NEMOS-device. Due to the precise adjustments and reproducibility of the wave conditions, extensive hydro-mechanical parameter studies were carried out. The results of more than 200 tests will be integrated in the automation of the system during the upcoming field tests and the full-scale device.

Finishing the 1:5 scaled tests in Denmark

Abschluss des 1 zu 5-Tests in Dänemark.jpg

The test of a 1:5 scaled prototype which took place in Denmark`s Limfjord from July to October finished successfully. The new tower, the automatization of the system and all components of the rope kinematic system proved to be robust and reliable. Particularly noteworthy is the verification of the PTO efficiency of up to 80%, - this is unique in wave energy!