Wave Energy Test Site Put Into Service – Trials About To Be Started


With the installation of the mooring near the Ostend Research Tower by VLOOT, the commissioning works for the Ostend Wave Energy Test Site are finished. The mooring is one of the key components for the NEMOS Wave Energy Converter (WEC) trials starting in the next months.

Now, the Ostend Wave Energy Test Site is fully operative. The research tower offers unique capabilities for close by control and monitoring of the WEC prototype. This will enable the NEMOS R&D team to install the device in the rough North Sea environment with the benefit of a stationary and weather independent control hub nearby.

The whole NEMOS team is now looking forward to the deployment of the NEMOS WEC prototype. The WEC components are in the final stage of manufacturing at NAVIKON and the commissioning works in Ostend are about to be started. Until the device is connected to the mooring on site, the Ostend Research Tower is already used to develop and test the NEMOS control and monitoring systems and to observe the environmental conditions on site.