Prototype Delivered To Ostend

NEMOS is happy to announce the delivery of the main components of the 2019 Wave Energy Converter (WEC) prototype. Currently, the NEMOS team is commissioning the device in the Post of Ostend.

The 2019 WEC prototype features a 8 x 2 m floater and a 16 m long substructure. The prototype is deployed in Ostend, next to the NEMOS research tower that is installed on site to control and surveil the WEC trials. The prototype design marks the latest stage of the NEMOS WEC developments. This evolved standalone floating design does not require a fixed building structure like the initial NEMOS concept and thus can be realized to competitive steel to kilowatt-hour ratio.

While the prototype is commissioned in the port, the NEMOS development team already deployed a small scaled handling model to test the installation and decommissioning procedures of the device on site and to train the handling operations.