NEMOS Wave Energy Converter Commissioning Works Finished

Within the last weeks, the NEMOS team was focused on the finalization of the 2019 Wave Energy Converter (WEC) prototype in Ostend. After the main steel components were delivered, the Power Take-Off System with sufficient data acquisition integration was fitted to the assembly. The belt drive and spring system, that connects the submerged to the floating part of the device were installed and adjusted and the assembly was thoroughly checked and dry tested for the upcoming sea trials.

The finalization of these works was performed with several lifting and towing trials in the harbor of Ostend to test and proof the desired simple tow-to-location installation and decommissioning procedure. The satisfactory outcome of the lifting and towing tests makes the NEMOS developers confident to begin the Northsea trials within a short time.

The 2019 WEC prototype features an 8 x 2 m floater and a 16 m long substructure. The prototype will be deployed in Ostend, next to the NEMOS research tower that has been installed on-site to control and surveil the WEC trials. The prototype design marks the latest stage of the NEMOS WEC developments. This evolved standalone floating design does not require a fixed structure like the initial NEMOS concept and thus allows energy production at a competitive cost level.