2018 - A Successful Year For NEMOS


NEMOS can look back at 2018 as an exciting and successful year. Good progress has been made on the design and construction of the 2019 Research Tower, due to be installed in Oostende in 2019. Today, the premanufactured foundation for the top structure was delivered to NAVIKON SRY LTD in Poland. In the following weeks, NAVIKON will manufacture the rest of the powerhouse on top of the foundation. The boat landing for the Ostend Research Tower is also being manufactured by NAVIKON, with the tower structure being manufactured in Germany by EEW. Once complete, the research structure will weigh approximately 80 tons.

Meanwhile, the NEMOS team is working to finalise the design of the 2019 Wave Energy Converter Prototype. The first components have already been ordered, and the team is looking forward to sea-testing the new prototype in the New Year. The new machine has an 8 by 2 meter floater, connected via belts to a generator mounted on a submerged, high hydrodynamic resistance structure. This design minimises mooring loads and significantly reduces the cost of installation.

The NEMOS team would like to take this opportunity to thank all its supporters and suppliers for their assistance and advice over the past year. Happy Holidays!