Ostend Research Tower: Successful Due Diligence


The Technical Due Diligence process that was launched to accompany the project until commissioning successfully reached its first goal. The thorough analysis by independent third-party experts proved that the designed components are in conformity with the basis of the applicable standards. The NEMOS engineering team now proceeds with the manufacturing-relaunch of the research structures’ components and the detailed installation planning in close cooperation with local Belgian manufacturers and installation providers.

The independent review not only proves that the design complies with all specifications. The NEMOS engineering team especially was able to proof its capabilities regarding offshore engineering. The provided design documents resulted in no major queries by the auditing organisation. Load assessments and subsequent calculations as well as the software used were considered as state of the art in the design process of offshore structures. Regarding this, the NEMOS team is happy to notify that the knowledge gained within years of offshore wave energy converter development meets the industry standard.