NEMOS Wins MaRINET2 Funding


NEMOS is in high spirits following a successful bid for the third MaRINET2 funding call. MaRINET2 provides up to €1.2 million worth of free lab, tank and open-sea testing to offshore energy developers. Under the program, NEMOS has been granted two weeks of experimental testing at the exceptional Coastal, Ocean And Sediment Transport (COAST) laboratory at the University of Plymouth, England.

The Ocean Basin in the COAST Lab offers water depths up to 3 m, a broad range of regular and irregular sea states as well as currents perpendicular to the mean wave direction and represents an extremely valuable testing opportunity for the latest NEMOS wave energy converter concepts. NEMOS has attended the COAST Lab twice in the past and has been delighted with the facility and its staff.

The COAST Lab is ideally suited for intensive experimental investigations of the behaviour, loads and efficiency of the NEMOS system in operational and extreme sea states. Results of the testing will be incorporated into the NEMOS cost model to optimise the system for reduced costs of energy. In addition, ongoing validation of computer models will be conducted. The test campaign is planned to take place in the summer of 2019.