Rope Testing With Innovative Rope Constructions


In cooperation with LIROS®, our partner for rope solutions, we have been performing cyclic bend over shave tests (CBOS) with fibre ropes at the Institut für Fördertechnik und Logistik (IFT) in Stuttgart for several years now. With a new developed rope construction, we achieved 2.5 times longer lifetime compared to the previously tested standard rope.

The image shows a blue 12-strand hollow braided Dyneema® rope after about 1.3 million bendings. The yellow rope is the new developed 5-strand flat braided Dyneema® rope after the same number of cycles. On the pictures it is clearly visible that the blue rope shows higher wear and tear compared to the improved yellow one. The numbers emphasise the significant increase in lifetime: the blue rope failed after 1.3 million cycles while the yellow rope is still being tested and has already reached 3.2 million bendings to this day.