Ostend Research Tower Installed, Commissioned And Ready For Operation

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NEMOS is delighted to announce the completion of the installation and commissioning works for the Ostend Research Tower, located 500m off the coast of Oostende. Last week, the final secondary steel components and topside research container were installed by HERBOSCH-KIERE with the support of DECO and NOORDZEE KRANEN. In addition, the research area east to the tower was marked with buoys by VLOOT in preparation for the installation of the 2019 NEMOS Wave Energy Converter (WEC) Prototype.

The final commissioning works at the PORT OF OOSTENDE was coordinated by NEMOS and utilised several local companies. NEMOS would like to thank the participants for the experienced, professional support received. Special thanks go to IDP SHIPJARD, MULTITECH, ENGIE FABRICOM and the PORT OF OOSTENDE.

NEMOS is now looking forward to the transfer of ownership of the Research Tower infrastructure to the West Flanders Development Agency – POM West-Vlaanderen. The maritime platform will then serve as a laboratory, used to perform tests designed to accelerate the innovation and development of blue energy and the broader blue economy. As one of the first key users, NEMOS will use the Research Tower as a control and monitoring hub for WEC trials this summer.

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NEMOS is verheugd om de afronding van de installatiewerken en de ingebruikname van de Ostend Research Tower mee te delen. In de afgelopen dagen zijn de secundaire staalcomponenten en het bovenste onderzoeksplatform geïnstalleerd door HERBOSCH-KIERE met de steun van DECO en NOORDZEE KRANEN. Simultaan aan deze installatiewerken is het onderzoeksgebied ten oosten van de toren gemarkeerd met boeien door VLOOT. Dit ter voorbereiding op de installatie van het afmeersysteem voor de 2019 NEMOS Wave Energy Converter (WEC) Prototype.

Na een aantal intensieve weken met werken rond de inbedrijfstelling in de PORT OF OOSTENDE zou NEMOS graag zijn dank uiten aan de deelnemende lokale bedrijven en agentschappen voor de geweldige en professionele ondersteuning. Deze dank gaat voornamelijk uit naar IDP SHIPJARD, MULTITECH, ENGIE FABRICOM en PORT OF OOSTENDE.

Momenteel kijkt NEMOS uit naar de overdracht van de eigendomsrechten van de infrastructuur van de onderzoekstoren aan de West-Vlaamse onderzoek agentschap – POM West-Vlaanderen. Volgens POM zal het maritieme platform dienen als een ‘living lab’ om testen uit te voeren om de innovatie en ontwikkeling van blauwe energie en de bredere blauwe economie te versnellen. Als één van de eerste belangrijke gebruikers zal NEMOS de onderzoekstoren gebruiken als het besturings- en monitoringcentrum voor de WEC-tests die deze zomer van start gaan.

Pictures: https://www.nemos.org/rt1media

Become Part Of The NEMOS Team


With the comissioning of the 2019 Wave Energy Converter prototype on the horizon NEMOS is searching for Senior Design Engineers to become part of our team. The main tasks are the design and optimization of Wave Energy Converter parts and / or composite components and the supervision of manufacturing, commissioning and testing activities. We are searching for experienced hands-on engineers, experts in the fields of marine and / or composite engineering, CAD & FEA.

NEMOS is a European company based in the heart of the Rhine/Ruhr district. R&D activities are coordinated from the headquater in Duisburg and take place at different facilities all around Europe, therefore good English skills and the willingness to travel are required.

Please visit the carrers section for further information. We are looking forward to receiving your application.

Start Of The Installation Works In Ostend


Within the last days, the main steel structure and foundation for the Ostend Research Tower was installed in front of the Ostend breakwater. Following the on-shore commissioning works in the Port of Ostend, this is the beginning of the final chapter of the installation works for the research test site. The structure will be finished within the next weeks by adding secondary steel components and the main platform.

NEMOS is looking forward to finishing the works on the research tower structure in order to proceed with the deployment of the next generation Wave Energy Converter (WEC) prototype near the installed tower within the next months.

For press footage of the works, please visit https://www.nemos.org/rt1media.

Picture: Dronelab Vives

Hallo, Haven Van Oostende!

The first components of the Ostend Research Tower have arrived in Belgium. The following weeks are planned for the commissioning in the Port of Ostend, followed by the installation after Easter. We like to thank all the contributors for the great support within the last weeks.

De eerste onderdelen van de Onderzoekstoren voor Oostende zijn gearriveerd in België. De inbedrijfstelling van de toren in de haven van Oostende is gepland voor de komende weken en wordt gevold door de installatie na Pasen. Wij zouden graag alle bijdragers willen bedanken voor de fantastische ondersteuning gedurende de laatste weken.

Fresh Out Of The Paint Shop


After several weeks of intense work, during the last few days the main components of the Ostend Research Tower have been painted. Outstanding work includes outfitting and finishing tasks and these are already underway at the tower manufacturer EEW and the secondary steel provider NAVIKON. Following completion of the finishing works, the components will be transported by road to the port of Ostend for the final commissioning and pre-installation preparation.

NEMOS is very happy with the project progress and the cooperation with EEW and NAVIKON. The whole NEMOS team is now very much looking forward to the installation works in Belgium, expected in April / May 2019.


Tower picure by EEW, secondary steel picture by NEMOS.

NEMOS Wins MaRINET2 Funding


NEMOS is in high spirits following a successful bid for the third MaRINET2 funding call. MaRINET2 provides up to €1.2 million worth of free lab, tank and open-sea testing to offshore energy developers. Under the program, NEMOS has been granted two weeks of experimental testing at the exceptional Coastal, Ocean And Sediment Transport (COAST) laboratory at the University of Plymouth, England.

The Ocean Basin in the COAST Lab offers water depths up to 3 m, a broad range of regular and irregular sea states as well as currents perpendicular to the mean wave direction and represents an extremely valuable testing opportunity for the latest NEMOS wave energy converter concepts. NEMOS has attended the COAST Lab twice in the past and has been delighted with the facility and its staff.

The COAST Lab is ideally suited for intensive experimental investigations of the behaviour, loads and efficiency of the NEMOS system in operational and extreme sea states. Results of the testing will be incorporated into the NEMOS cost model to optimise the system for reduced costs of energy. In addition, ongoing validation of computer models will be conducted. The test campaign is planned to take place in the summer of 2019.

2018 - A Successful Year For NEMOS


NEMOS can look back at 2018 as an exciting and successful year. Good progress has been made on the design and construction of the 2019 Research Tower, due to be installed in Oostende in 2019. Today, the premanufactured foundation for the top structure was delivered to NAVIKON SRY LTD in Poland. In the following weeks, NAVIKON will manufacture the rest of the powerhouse on top of the foundation. The boat landing for the Ostend Research Tower is also being manufactured by NAVIKON, with the tower structure being manufactured in Germany by EEW. Once complete, the research structure will weigh approximately 80 tons.

Meanwhile, the NEMOS team is working to finalise the design of the 2019 Wave Energy Converter Prototype. The first components have already been ordered, and the team is looking forward to sea-testing the new prototype in the New Year. The new machine has an 8 by 2 meter floater, connected via belts to a generator mounted on a submerged, high hydrodynamic resistance structure. This design minimises mooring loads and significantly reduces the cost of installation.

The NEMOS team would like to take this opportunity to thank all its supporters and suppliers for their assistance and advice over the past year. Happy Holidays!

OESA Project Awarded


NEMOS is delighted to announce that it has joined the Ocean Energy Scale Up Alliance (OESA). OESA is coordinated by the Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC) and has received funding to support the accelerated deployment of ocean energy pilots in the North Sea Region over the next three years.

In addition to DMEC, the service providers are the European Marine Energy Centre, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult (UK), Aalborg University (DK), Danish Wave Energy Centre, ÅKP (Blue Maritime Cluster, NO), Uppsala University (SE) and SSPA Sweden.

The pilot projects come from Tocardo Tidal Power (tidal power, NL), Seabased (wave energy, NO), Floating Power Plant (combined wave and wind energy, DK), Seawirl (SE) and NEMOS.

Justin den Hartog, Head of Operations DMEC, said: “OESA is the first collaboration project uniting ocean energy expertise from organizations in the North Sea region. The region has a large track record in both ocean energy and offshore, thereby able to build the cornerstones of a sector that can power the North Sea Region’s renewable energy mix to build a sustainable future”.

NEMOS will use its involvement in OESA to continue the development and testing of its wave energy device concept as it moves closer to commercialisation.

NEMOS Team Is Further Growing


The beginning of November brought some changes to the NEMOS Team: We are pleased to welcome two new colleagues, Oliver Epsom and Clara Hüsken. Oliver has considerable experience of offshore engineering, marine and naval operations and the design of wave and wind energy devices. Clara joins our team after finishing her master studies in ocean engineering. She already demonstrated her skills working for NEMOS as a student trainee. We are excited to have the two colleagues contributing to the NEMOS development and are very much looking forward to a successful collaboration. On the other hand, a long-term employee Julius Schay left the company. We thank Julius for the great collaboration and wish him all the best for his personal and professional life.

Ostend Research Tower: Successful Due Diligence


The Technical Due Diligence process that was launched to accompany the project until commissioning successfully reached its first goal. The thorough analysis by independent third-party experts proved that the designed components are in conformity with the basis of the applicable standards. The NEMOS engineering team now proceeds with the manufacturing-relaunch of the research structures’ components and the detailed installation planning in close cooperation with local Belgian manufacturers and installation providers.

The independent review not only proves that the design complies with all specifications. The NEMOS engineering team especially was able to proof its capabilities regarding offshore engineering. The provided design documents resulted in no major queries by the auditing organisation. Load assessments and subsequent calculations as well as the software used were considered as state of the art in the design process of offshore structures. Regarding this, the NEMOS team is happy to notify that the knowledge gained within years of offshore wave energy converter development meets the industry standard.