The rough environmental conditions and loads are a real challenge for every component of the wave energy converter. We develop unique and high performance solutions where technology standards are not sufficient. To be quick and efficient, the development always includes functionality and performance tests with scaled model components before building large scaled ones. The comprehensive in-house engineering and testing is supported by a broad network of research and business partners.


Belt systems

A novel technology developed by NEMOS makes it possible to use belts in harsh and varying operating conditions. Already proven successfully in long term tests, the patent pending system is capable of out-of-plane motion and transversal loads for millions of bending cycles. » Wave Belt Picture



The NEMOS spring is a high-tech component that allows efficient energy buffering and pre-tensioning. Its lightweight composite construction, capable of high torsion loads, can improve performance in other industrial applications, too.


Sensor Integration

To monitor and evaluate developed systems and components various sensors are essential. To seamlessly integrate reliable sensor technology into hardware setup and monitoring software, we design tailor-made solutions that fit perfectly to our customers` needs.


Control Software

The development of robust control software is key to reliable system operation. We develop customized automation software for various applications such as lean test bench setups, cable robots and fully automated remote wave energy converters.


Pulley Systems

The NEMOS underwater pulley systems are designed for high efficiencies in combination with belts or ropes. Optimized sheave geometry and hinge designs allow varying feed angles. Application-specific bearings are procured in close cooperation with our partners.


Energy Storage

We develop energy storage solutions motivated by the findings for backup power systems and intermediate circuit buffers used for our wave energy converter. Integration of mechanical, thermal and electrical solutions led to compact off-grid systems. » Read More