NEMOS is an innovative system to generate electricity from ocean waves.

Based on research findings from 2010, it achieves a higher efficiency level than comparable systems, can be implemented at low costs and is particularly suitable for combination with offshore wind turbines. The construction and operation of the system are shown in the video below.




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The NEMOS-system consists of an elongated floating body which is connected to the seabed by three ropes. Excited by the movement of the waves, it transmits mechanical energy to a generator which is positioned at any suitable offshore structure and protected from sea water. With innovative trajectories and control algorithms, up to 80% of the incoming wave energy can be used to drive electric generators. Conventional systems with vertical movement only achieve efficiency levels of up to 50%. With a change in the wave direction the orientation of the body and its trajectory can be adapted by a patented system. To protect the system from extreme wave loads in heavy storms, it can be lowered to calmer waters.




















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